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Harry f Goeringer

Harry Frederick Goeringer, July 6, 1894 — July 19, 1967 was a prominent Wilkes Barre realtor. In the 1930’s he purchased the former ice lake lands from George and Lilly A. Lewis Kilner Seneff, the daughter of Albert Lewis, for the purpose of developing the properties into summer cottages. Both Meadow Run/Mountain Lake and Penn Lake, south of Bear Creek, were included in this purchase.

Ads were placed in the local newspapers, advertising building lots at Meadow Run (primarily 50’ x 200’) for the low price of $250 each. The community was mapped out by C.L. Hartwell, a Civil Engineer, in increments between 1940 - 1945. However, some individuals had already constructed lake homes there in the 1930’s.

Eleanor goeringer candalino taylor

Harry and Mary Goeringer deeded the entire property over to their daughter, Eleanor Candalino in January of 1949.

Eleanor Mary Goeringer was the second daughter of Harry and Mary. She excelled at her studies and earned a degree in Chemistry from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA in 1943. Her college sweetheart, Paul L. Candalino attended Muhlenberg College studying Chemistry, also in Allentown. During this time the United States was desperately battling Germany and Japan in World War II and upon graduation Paul enlisted in the Navy, receiving his commission as an ensign in November of 1943. In the meantime, Eleanor found employment in the nylon research division of the Dupont company, based in Wilmington, Delaware. Paul and Eleanor were married in April of 1944 in the chapel of Muhlenberg College. Ensign Candalino was assigned to the USS Indianapolis, he was promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.) and the ship departed California on July 16, 1945 for a secret mission to deliver enriched uranium and bomb parts to Tinian Island in the Pacific. The mission was successful, the bomb materials were delivered on July 26th. USS Indianapolis then left Tinian enroute to Guam and Leyte. Tragically, on July 30th, a Japanese submarine struck the Indianapolis with two torpedoes, sinking it in twelve minutes. It is estimated 300 of the 1,195 sailors aboard, were killed by the torpedo attack and the sinking. The remaining sailors were left floating in the Philippine Sea for four days before rescue ships arrived. Over the course of those days a majority of them succumbed to shark attacks, dehydration, exhaustion and exposure to the elements. When help finally arrived, only 316 men remained to be rescued. It was the greatest single loss of life at sea from a single Navy ship. Seven days later, on August 6, 1945, the Enola Gay dropped the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima - code named Little Boy - ultimately ending World War II and preventing the U.S. from having to launch a grueling ground assault on Japanese soil.

Paul Candalino was lost at sea. Eleanor and Paul had been married for 14 months and Eleanor was pregnant with his child. Their son, Paul A. Candalino, was born on March 20, 1946. Lieutenant Paul Candalino’s missing in action status was announced on August 22, 1945 in the Wilkes Barre Evening News newspaper, three weeks after the USS Indianapolis sinking.

Eleanor Candalino remarried on August 12, 1949 to Charles L. Taylor, a physics professor at Wilkes College and former Navy officer. The couple continued to promote the fresh air and lake lots to be purchased at Mountain Lake. Many initial deeds to properties at Meadow Run Mountain Lake Park Association harken back to ownership of Eleanor Taylor, and that is how Meadow Run Mountain Lake Park Association has ties to WWII, the bombing of Hiroshima, and the tragic story of the USS Indianapolis.

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