Meadow run mountain Lake Park Association

Harry and Mary Goeringer deeded the lands of MRMLPA to their daughter, Eleanor Candalino, on January 3, 1949 and December 31, 1953. Eleanor had remarried to Charles Taylor and the couple moved to California. Thereafter lands were then sold to lake dwellers by Eleanor G. Taylor and Charles L. Taylor of Monterey, California, using the Power of Attorney given to her brother, Carl F. Goeringer.

The Meadow Run Mountain Lake Park Association was granted a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation charter on August 4, 1949 with named officers: Joseph F. Rocereto, Adam Gober, August Weitz, Luke Keating and Albert J. Minichello. These officers then promulgated the first Constitution, Deed Covenants, and Rules & Regulations on August 28, 1949 and Meadow Run Mountain Lake Park Association was born.

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